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Permanent Makeup in Houston, TX


Look and feel beautiful all day and night. Permanent makeup also known as permanent cosmetics, cosmetic tattooing, and micropigmentation is the process of adding pigments into the skin creating a natural appearance. Permanent makeup wonderfully enhances the appearance of facial features such as brows, lips, and eyes. It can also be an excellent treatment to cover post-surgical scars or enhance the hairline. No matter what area you choose, you can be certain you will look fresh and save yourself hours of daily make-up applications. 


This is a great option for those who have eyebrows that have thinned with age, are over-plucked, or you simply want to improve the shape and look. You can go for a dramatic bold look or go conservative with hair like strokes for a softer result. Brows are measured before and penciled in before beginning. We will give you our recommendation, but you will have the final decision before we continue with the treatment. Once we begin, pigments are implanted into the skin to your desired shape framing the eyes with a beautiful defined brow.

3D Eyebrow Microblading - $375

Most eyebrow enhancements add color only. This treatment draws individual hairs into the skin under ultra-precise magnification, interlacing microscopic simulated hair strokes among your natural ones giving you a fuller look. This is the ideal look for those who want a natural and soft effect.

Powder Brow (Ombre) - $375
For a stunning statement look, opt for our shading technique to achieve a bolder color and fill.

Ultra Luxe Brow -$550
This option has a combination of hair strokes and powder finish. When you come in for your procedure we will work together to achieve the best technique and obtain the best results.


Accentuate your eyes with smudge-free, waterproof eyeliner and transform the way you look.  Applying eyeliner with conventional make up can be time consuming and challenging at times. Our artists will give you professional results that stay put without the need to reapply every day.  Opt for the smudgy look, or go for the bold dramatic look. It’s up to you.

Lash Enhancement - $275
This a fine line of pigment through the lash line only that is less dramatic and conservative.  

Top or Bottom Eyelid Only (regular eyeliner) -$350

Both Top and Bottom Eyelid -$550

*Please note eyeliner is not recommended on the bottom inside the lid (mucosa) and we will not perform this treatment.  

Get perfect shaped, kiss-proof, tinted lips 24 hours a day. Restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips. A shade is selected from our large selection of colors, to either blend with your natural lip color or to match your favorite lip color. You can achieve a natural or more intense look of your choice.

*Please note that some clients may not be suitable for permanent makeup on the lips due to the natural undertones occurring in the skin, which may affect the outcome of the color.

Lip Liner - $325
This option is for those who want to enhance the shape of the lips without having to go through the everyday hassle of applying lip liner.

Ultra Luxe Lip - $550
For the ultimate look opt for the Ultra Luxe Lip. A combination of both lip liner and shading techniques will give you the luscious lip look adding fullness, color, and dimension.


We offer beauty marks for those who want a glamorous addition. 

Beauty Mark - $50

*Please note we do not offer permanent freckles 


If you had your permanent makeup treatment done elsewhere and are unhappy with your results please contact us. In many cases we are able to correct permanent makeup cases gone wrong. If your permanent makeup can’t be corrected, for example because of inaccuracy or unappealing color, we offer PhiRemoval non-laser tattoo removal as an option to lighten or completely remove the treated area .

Correction - $475 (2 Hours) 

Click here to find out more about PhiRemoval Non- Laser Tattoo Removal.  


Touch-ups -$75

All touch-ups must be made with in 4 to 8 weeks 

Refresher Touch Up - $150

6 to 18 months after initial permanent makeup procedure​​

This is available for anyone who has high sensitivities and allergies.


We use high grade pigments specially formulated for permanent makeup only and are manufactured in the United States and Europe. They created from only the finest, medical grade mineral pigments which are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitivities.

*We have the right to refuse any work that we deem to be inappropriate.

Permanent Makeup

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