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Facials & Skin Care

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Facials & Skin Care in Houston, TX


Our facials and treatments begin with a consultation with one of our experienced estheticians. Our objective is to help you meet your goals and concerns while giving you a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We use only Image Skincare products with all our facial treatments.

 LUXE FACIAL - $50 (30 min)
This is our customized facial for those that are on the go.  Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, mask, toning, massage techniques, and hydration.

ULTRALUXE FACIAL - $90 (75 min)
This is a our customized facial which includes the neck and décolleté. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, mask, toning, extractions, pressure point techniques, drainage massage, and hydration.


Say bye-bye to breakouts. This purifying facial treatment combines powerful antibacterial ingredients with soothing botanicals to fight acne lesions without irritating delicate skin. No skin is left behind during this comprehensive treatment. The BE CLEAR PURIFYING FACIAL combats all grades of acne by combining a powerful blend of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals. Perfect for treating oily, acne and acne-prone skin.

ANTI-AGING FACIAL -$90 (75 min)

After just one treatment you’ll know why Vitamin C is a must-have anti-aging ingredient. This rejuvenating treatment lightens, brightens and tightens the skin while soothing botanicals reduce redness and add vital hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and smoothed for an instant Age later® transformation. This comprehensive treatment combines our revolutionary Tri-C Complex™ with correcting hydroxy acids, powerful peptides, stem cells, and a unique blend of intensely hydrating ingredients to treat Rosacea, dry/dehydrated, aging and sun damaged skin. ​


Extractions: $15-$25

Lips: Exfoliation and hydration. - $25 *Image Ormedic Lip Treatment Included
Eyes: For fine lines and wrinkles. Antioxidant serums and hyaluronic acid $10
Lip/Eye Combo: $25
Microdermabrasion: $30


Oxygen provides energy to our cells and is essential in cell metabolism.  It is essential to maintain your cellular function and repair. Oxygen is needed to promote fibroblast proliferation and collagen production which is an essential part of the skin’s healing process. The availability of oxygen to skin tissues play an important and integral role in skin recovery.

O2 Lift "Red Carpet Ready" -$75 (45min)

This luxurious 5 step treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. Perfect for all skin types.

O2 Micro Lift - $100 (60min)

This treatment includes the O2 Lift, microdermabrasion, and oxygen therapy for instantly radiant skin. 

Our chemical peels are custom fitted to your unique skin and one of the most effective ways to turn back time. Peels are on great demand because they address the most common skin conditions including premature aging, wrinkles, acne and acne scaring, and hyperpigmentation. Chemical peels remove surface skin cells and stimulate cell turnover to give back that radiant look.

I Peel Ormedic lift™ - $50 (45 min)

A blend of pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and mango fruit enzymes and peptides in an organic aloe vera gel base; this non-chemical peel helps to rebalance, regenerate and restore skin while comfrey plant stem cells recharge your skin’s stem cells, helping to maintain youthfulness of skin.  For unbalanced, irritated, sensitive and dull looking skin.

I Peel The Signature Facelift® -$50 (45min)

This signature results-driven treatment combines vitamin C, hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal. New technology of centella stem cells support redness prone skin and botanical detoxifying and energizing complexes give noticeable results in just one session.  For redness, dry/dehydrated skin.

I Peel Lightening Lift® FORTE - $75 (45 min)

This extra strength results-driven treatment combines the most innovative and effective botanical brighteners luminescine and seashine® with echinacea plant-derived stem cells, and anti-aging peptides immediately leaving the skin younger looking and luminous. This peel also contains Lactic Acid which boosts the exfoliating and lightening power. For more advanced pigmentation, photo damage, sun/dark spots, melasma.

I Peel Perfection Lift™ FORTE - $75 (45 min)

This is our most powerful peel. This triple effect resurfacing treatment delivers the ultimate in the “perfection” of your skin.  This highly concentrated exclusive blend of Salicylic, Lactic, Resorcinol and Retinol in a blend of peptides and plant derived stem cells addresses moderate to severe photo damage, deeper lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and moderate to severe acne.

The diamond peel microdermabrasion treatment deeply exfoliates and polishes the skin, also improving the texture and quality. This treatment is good for removing dull, dry or rough skin, treating mild acne, reducing hyperpigmentation and fine lines.  Brighter and smoother skin can be seen with just one treatment. Depending on your needs during the consultation, a series of sessions will be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Our microdermabrasion treatments can be used in combination with chemical peels or mask treatments.

Collagen Infused Microdermabrasion - $100 (45min)
This treatment includes, cleansing, diamond peel, collagen infused mask, toning, massage,  hyaluronic acid for nourishing, post-treatment moisturizer for restoring, and SPF for protection.


Collagen Induction Therapy also known as micro-needling is an incredibly effective treatment that stimulates the skin to regenerate and safely repair itself creating brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin.  During the treatment a professional automatic pen with needles are used, making passes on the skin creating small micro-injuries, which stimulate new collagen production. This method will encourage and harness the body’s instinctive ability to regrow and repair the skin through normal physiological processes. Not only does micro-needling help the appearance of the skin, it can also help reverse the signs of aging due to acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and even stretch marks.  - $295


Dermaplaning exfoliation is a process that utilizes a specialized instrument designed to remove (scrape) away dead skin cells and hair (peach fuzz) revealing newer, brighter and younger looking skin. You will notice improvement in the tone and texture of your skin right away. Safe for all skin types and no down time. ​ - $75