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Microblading in Houston, TX


This is a great option for those who have eyebrows that have thinned with age, are over-plucked, suffer from hair loss, or you simply want to improve the shape and look. You can go for a dramatic bold look or go conservative with hair like strokes for a softer result. Brows are measured before and penciled in before beginning. We will give you our recommendation, but you will have the final decision before we continue with the treatment. Once we begin, a hand held tool and blade dipped in pigments are implanted into the skin framing the eyes with a beautiful defined brow. 


Most eyebrow enhancements add color only. This treatment draws individual hairs into the skin under ultra-precise magnification, interlacing simulated hair strokes among your natural ones giving you a fuller look. This is the ideal look for those who want a natural and soft effect.

Powder brows gives a soft pixelated effect that looks super natural when healed. Ombre brows is bolder color and fill especially towards the tail of the brow.  

This option has a combination of hair strokes and powder finish. When you come in for your procedure we will work together to achieve the best technique and obtain the best results.

PERFECTION TOUCH-UP (Within 2 months) - $100

SEMI-ANNUAL (3 to 6 months) - $150

ANNUAL TOUCH-UP (12 to 15 months) $275

***If you have oily skin, large pores, red prone skin, sun damaged skin or mature skin then microblading is not a good option for you.  Don't worry you can still get permanent makeup and have beautiful brows. The powder/ombre brow technique would be your best option. 

• Skin irritations near or on the brow area such as acne, rosacea, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, rashes, etc.
• Botox in the past 2 weeks
• Chemical peels or laser resurfacing in the past 6 weeks
• Sunburn in the past 2 weeks
• Accutane in the last year
• Prone to keloid scarring
• Extremely oily skin or very large pores
• Eyebrow hair transplant
• Chemotherapy 
• Epilepsy
• Organ transplant
• Pacemaker or major heart problems
• Pregnant or nursing
• Diabetic
• Sick (cold, flu, etc.)
• Viral Infections and or diseases

Please note: If you arrive to your appointment with any of these listed above we have the right to refuse service and the deposit will be forfeited.

***Before you consider microblading or any other permanent makeup procedures, please click on Frequently Asked Questions